Saturday, December 23, 2006

18.12.06 sand spiral

very misty along the coast road. cold and bright at spurn. sun trying to burn through.Nice and deserted today along the beach.there has been no high tides, lots of footprints at the top of the beach.
i created a good spiral in the sand today.starting in the middle and working outwards i feel very focused on the piece and the art i am creating, i seem to be able to think really wellat the time.
i met a man who talked about fossiling for profit , it felt a little like pillaging the beach, it wasn't science,the finds were not recorded and left behind.
i collected more plastic detritus for my collages, soon to be exhibited at dean clough galleries in halifax,uk.,18 january 2007.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

spurn point start

anxious, nervous ,this is a first for me.
i am going to use this space to document my time as AIR in 2007, starting on january 1st

Spurn Point is a fast disappearing stretch of the
East Yorkshire coastline.
It has been the greatest influence on my artistic endeavours for the last twenty years and my life since I was seven years old, living at Paull on the Humber bank.

A fascination with painting and drawing naturally led me to this raw spit of land where I started to record my impressions. A love of collecting and beachcombing conspired to bring me to the artworks I create now. Through my art therapy work I am interested in the process of creating art and I have let that process take me where it will.