Sunday, September 30, 2007


A deserted beachy cove on spurn, drissle ,cold and windy too. Just how I like it. A spiritual feeling of solitude.

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liniecat said...

Hi Martin,
Great exhibition in Beverley, love what you do with the shocking waste that floats around our shores. Its clever but shameful of us nevetheless.
Took afew pics this mornign of your work for my own inspiration, hope you wont mind. Like you I HAVE to create stuff, its my therapy and days when I cant faff about with mixed media and textiles, I get tetchy too lol
May I put afew pics on my blog please and link to your own website and blog?
Spurn is my most favourite place, its solace and fascination and challenge and a whole heap more.
Wishing you well in self imposed clean up campaign!